Schedule and update

Tomorrow evening, I pick my cousin up from the airport here in Philly. We’re going to eat with my folks, good hoagies and steak sandwiches she can’t get in Colorado.

Friday morning, she and I are driving the six hours down to Virginia Beach to go whale watching and visit relatives who live nearby.

We’re hanging down there until Monday morning, and my cousin flies back out to Colorado on Tuesday.

I’ve got a comic queued up for Saturday, but Tuesday’s is still only 1/4 complete (sitting in my Dock even as we speak) and I’m not sure I’ll have time to work on it this weekend. I imagine there will be some downtime, but I’m not sure when. (I’m “spoiled” by the guaranteed two hours of downtime that occur when I vacation with my husband – while he does therapy, I goof off with the computer.)

If nothing else, I’ll post a pic or something. I still owe you some comic cheesecake from this summer.