The Longest Night of the Summer (10 of 12)

Panel 1: 5:00 A.M. Lila and Cole are lying in bed, sleeping. Lila's alarm is going off. Panel 2: Lila: You ready to get up? Cole: Absolutely not. Lila: You want me to reset the alarm for 6? Cole: Yeah. Panel 3: Lila's sitting up, setting the alarm. Lila: Why'd you set it for 5 anyway? Cole: 'cause your mom's going to call to wake us up any minute anyway. Lila: Oh yeah.... Panel 4: 5:01 A.M. Lila, lying down: I'll just lay back down for a minute then. Panel 5: 5:04 A.M. Lila's snoring again. Panel 6: the phone rings, Lila sits up with a shot. 'AAAAaaaaa! Dammit' she cries.

Mark won the “Name the Tiny Doggie” contest, by proposing the name “Nugget” for Marin’s miniature mutt.

Yes, I know you don’t know who Marin is yet. She’s coming…. a few more days… be patient!!