Blurring the lines between journalism and fiction

the first idiocy on the internet strip wow, this is one crappy-quality graphic.

Those of you blessedly immune to America Online’s web services may not be aware that they run news services and other portal-page information as soon as you log on. One “feature” of the portal is a slide-show style montage of headlines that flip every three seconds or so. They’re always of the format:

Highly Significant Headline A
– Unrelated Headline B

…which is backwards from the usual headline standard the planet’s journalists use:

Highly Significant Headline A
– Subheadline for related story B

The end result is sometimes pathetic and sometimes funny. Today’s is pathetic.

Psychic Spam?

MyPoints is pretty cool. I think I've eaten out for free about four or five times now just by reading junk mail.

One thing that I can always count on, being a client of free web mail, is that some of the strangest stuff on the earth will eventually make it to my mailbox. Spamusement handles this subject with more grace and humor than I, but I’ll take a crack at it on occasion.

I’m telling you, that mutt’s crazy

The going theory is that bugs get caught between the wall and the porch, but it's just a theory.

Editor’s Note 6/25/05: This strip was really the one that convinced me that, should I decide to draw comics, I could find inspiration anywhere. As such, it’s really the first of the Get Outta My Head strips, even though it was just considered a sketch at the time.

Testing The Lines

Came up with this one when I was trying to scare the hell out of my cousin about the private school she worked for getting a T1 line, since she was the one in charge of all their internet stuff. Yeah, the biology teacher. Gottal love private schools.

This is a test of the comic news posting service… this is only a test. Were this an actual piece of comic news, we’d all be falling over in shock. This concludes the test of the comic news posting service.