Want a Sandwich?

There’s an old family story on my dad’s side about someone who sent their spouse to work with a turnip and mayonnaise sandwich.

The cookbook that Dawn from Because I Said So found would probably publish such a beast. It’s got some pretty odd recipes itself.

(says the girl who makes open-faced tuna melts on hash browns….)


Here’s a link for all of you parents out there. InfantSEE: A Public Health Program for Infants | Helping Infants to Establish a Lifetime of Healthy Vision is mostly a public awareness issue for most of you, but here’s the point:

There are tons of issues about your kid’s eyesight that can be caught and potentially treated if you take the little one to an eye doctor at an early age (6-12 months).

It could save you and your kid lots of time and money at doctors later in life.

Your pediatrician probably don’t know this, so he/she probably isn’t going to recommend it unless something blatantly obvious is wrong with your kid’s vision. Most folks I know use the pediatrician as the guide to what needs to be done, so this step gets skipped.

So if your kid hasn’t seen an eye doctor yet, now’s the time.

See, that was easy!